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Fire Intelligence Prescribed Fire

Current Rx Burning

Agency Project Name Today's Planned Acres Est. Time of Ignition Legal Descriptive Location Burn Boss Comments Updated
Santiam River Zone
Coy Thin Unit 6 30 1200   15 Road Brandon Coville Coy Thin Unit 7 completed 9/26 for 30 Ac27-Sep-2016 8:46:49
Deer Thin Unit 38 20 1200   2231-810 Rd Dave Johnson
McKenzie River RD
No Burning Today             20-Feb-2018 10:10:49
Middle Fork RD
No Burning Today             14-Jul-2017 11:34:06
Eugene District BLM
No Burning Today           Burning complete for the season 16-Jun-2017 17:26:40
Western Lane ODF
Fred 9000 0700 22S 1W 13 Flintstone None Have a small one for today11-Mar-2014 12:05:01
South Cascades ODF
No Burning Today             20-Feb-2018 11:32

EICC Information

Updated 17-Aug-2018 18:07:54
OR-EIC On Call Dispatcher = 541-225-6400 / 541-623-0563
Willamette-Eugene Duty Officer = 503-862-3147
OR-EIC Resources/Comments = WIF Forecasted Staffing Level: 4 High SUF Forecasted Staffing Level: 4 Low

Fiscal Year-to-Date Rx Burning Statistics

Agency Number of Projects Acres
Santiam River Zone10500
McKenzie River RD00
Middle Fork RD00
Eugene District BLM90
Western Lane ODF450
North Cascades ODF3100
South Cascades ODF00
Willamette National Forest10500
Bureau of Land Management90
Oregon Department of Forestry7150
EICC Total26650
Updated 20-Feb-2018 11:32 by the South Cascades ODF